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Spring 2021 Bulky Waste Collection

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish will be undertaking a CURBSIDE collection of items as part of its’ solid waste resource management program.

Clean up items are only permitted to be placed at the curbside the night before your normal day for garbage and organic collection only. Items must be placed within 6 feet of the road by 7 am on the day of your collection.  Items placed at road side that are not part of the curbside pickup, will not be accepted and must be promptly removed from the curb after the trucks have collected from your road. Each household, including apartment buildings of three units or less, are eligible for curbside collection. The maximum weight of individual items cannot exceed 50 lbs or one cubic meter in size, with the exception of furniture and appliances. Only one large item per household: for example, one fridge or one sofa. Maximum total waste accepted per household is not to exceed 330 pounds. Smaller items must be placed in clear bags or bundled for collection. More than one truck will pass by your house collecting various materials, so please be patient as the collection takes place. 

Items NOT collected under the spring clean-up program:

  1. construction and demolition material;
  2. car bodies, large car parts;
  3. tires
  4. trees, large branches or leaf and yard waste;
  5. waste paint, waste oil or other fluids;
  6. loose broken glass;
  7. used batteries;
  8. asbestos;
  9. hazardous, reactive, septic or pathological waste;
  10. refrigerators with attached doors (refrigerators must have doors removed);
  11. waste placed in non-transparent bags (such as black, green or orange bags);
  12. electronics waste such as desktop and laptop computers, keyboards, computer monitors, televisions, scanners, and printers (these materials should be taken to ACES at the Solid Waste Resource Management Facility located on Beech Hill Road);
  13. waste generated outside the Municipality;
  14. waste placed in violation of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish By-Law Regarding the Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste; any other materials deemed unacceptable by the Municipality.

NOTE:  All items with the exception of # 8 and #9 listed above can be disposed of at the Beech Hill Solid Waste Resource Management Facility, 1356 Beech Hill Road.


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